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Cardio Equipment

Some people refer to Cardiovascular exercise as aerobic exercise, some people even call it 'cardio' for short. All it amounts to is exercises that involve the large muscles like legs and help make your heart and lungs stronger. Cardiovascular exercise has lots of health benefits like lowering your blood pressure, and also it can burn lots of calories - for those of you who want to lose weight.

Strength Equipment

An individual's physical strength is determined by two factors; the cross-sectional area of muscle fibers recruited to generate force and the intensity of the recruitment. The genetic inheritance of muscle fiber type sets the outermost boundaries of physical strength possible, though the unique position within this envelope is determined by TRAINING...

Fitness Accessories

Physical fitness, a general state of good health, is usually a result of exercise and nutrition. Agility, Balance, Coordination, Power and Speed are some measures of fitness that are skill related. By training with the appropriate equipment, your level of physical fitness can improve, making you more healthy and helping you resist hypokinetic diseases.

Yoga / Pilates

The nature of Yoga and Pilates makes it easy for them to complement each other. Get the stretch from Yoga and keep it from Pilates. Strengthen your abdominals on the reformer and watch your poses improve. Join the breathing techniques of Pilates and meditative aspect of Yoga into your daily routine and see the stress of your everyday life, begin to dissipate.

Vibration Machines

Vibration Machines provide Rhythmic Neuromuscular Stimulation, or RNS, which better the state of human joints by improving their flexibility relatively fast. The plate uses vibrations to make muscles contract and relax up to 50 times a second. This builds strength and increase energy levels, circulation, flexibility and range of motion.

MMA / Boxing

Training for combat sports, or combative sports, such as Boxing, Martial Arts and MMA, needs to be safe in order to ensure less injuries, quick recovery, and an improved skill level. Boxing Gloves, MMA Gloves, Sparring & Training Gear, Padding, Mouth Guards, Hand Wraps all help to improve training conditions.